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           ❝I need everyone to evacuate
this room. Now.❞


"And just why would that be, Cap?"

Harley Quinn

—A Guide to the Animated Series—


Holiday Knights
The New Batman Adventures


Christmas… with the JOKER!

asamericanascapplepie started to laugh



It wasn’t like the Joker, but he couldn’t help but stare at the musclebound brute, with blonde hair and chiseled features. He seemed a bit bigger than Batman, even a similar outfit. However, the fact remained, he wasn’t exactly a super hero, yet. But Red Skull was paying a lot of money to spy on the guy, therefore Joker did what he had to do. He followed Steve to the dressing room. “Seems like they needed a fresh face for the fellas. I hope you don’t take me bein’ here personal.”

The clown peered into the room, where all the ladies were dressing and undressing. It’d be fun if he had time. “I am one act before the finale.” Joker replied. He then stuck out his head, with the joy buzzer secure inside his palm, yet it was set to be nothing more than a mere jolt. “The name’s Joe Kerr, pleasure to meet you- Say! I know you! You’re that scrawny man that became all big with some juice. You’re Captain America!”

"Personal?" Steve snorted at that and resisted the urge to roll his eyes. "Listen, buddy, I don’t take it personal, but I do wanna warn you. They’re not the easiest crowd to please." He led the clown to the relatively small space he had been given for getting ready. Seeing as ‘ready’ consisted of ‘in uniform’, Steve didn’t need a lot of space and he doubted the girls would want to share. That meant that his small area was now half his, half this new guys.

He turned around when they reached said area and couldn’t help the smile at how the other man held his hand out. It was polite, which was greatly appreciated. He took the other guy’s hand, a practiced, careful shake to keep from breaking any bones on accident. The shock was unexpected and caused a small jump of surprise. “Y-yeah,” he gave a small, uncomfortable laugh, “Captain America, in the flesh. Nice to meet you, Mr. Kerr.”

Joker’s normal grin was firmly planted on his pale face, and to everyone else, it seemed that it was only make-up. Nobody, including Rogers, was showing any signs that they would have thought otherwise. The plan was working perfectly so far, and the hefty amount Red Skull was paying, would clear Joker’s debt to the mob… for now. 

"Please, Captain, call me Joe. My father was Mr. Kerr." he laughed off the buzzer gag and retracted his arm back to his side. After taking a good look at Steve’s personal space in the room, it didn’t seem like they were using their super solider for much. Just a monkey sent to perform, more like an ape though with Steve’s size. "And don’t worry about the crowds. Why just last week, I knocked’em dead in Gotham City!" his chuckle became sinister, as that was more or less not a joke.

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